8.5-Foot Wide House Is Deceptively Small On The Outside But Glorious On The Inside

by Emerald Pellot
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A tiny home that’s a mere 8.5-feet wide was put on the market for an unthinkable £300,000 ($373,000) in Twickenham, London.

The price has caused many raised eyebrows, but Russell Gooden, the real estate agent selling the shop, says that though it is unusual, there is much interest in the tiny home.

“It’s a fantastic property, but quite an unusual one to show people around,” Russell told Caters News. “It’s a bit of a Marmite house. People either love it or hate it, but I think it will be sold very quickly.”

The home, which is squeezed in between two larger homes, was first built as a “granny flat,” or a small, contained annex intended for an elderly family member.

“Though I don’t think it’s one for two people unless you’re very close! I’ve never seen anything like it, especially because the garden is so large,” he said. “We’re certainly enjoying having it on our books.”

The inside is still quite unbelievable. There are two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and a huge garden. While it’s just 322 square feet of living space, it has a lot to offer to whoever decides to live there.

Ironically, the shed that comes with the home is actually bigger than the house itself. What do you think of this tiny home? Would you ever live here?

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