Empty Nester Moves Into Tiny Home, Then Shows Off The Gorgeous Interior

emerald Emerald Pellot

When Reba Parker’s children were old enough to move out, the empty nester decided to fulfill her dream of living with less.

“I’ve always wanted to live small,” she said. “I love living with less things. I have everything I need and nothing more.”

She’s lived in her tiny home for about seven months and has no regrets about it.

“I don’t miss anything that I gave up,” Reba said. “There’s not a day when I wake up and I say I wish I would’ve kept this. I love my house, and the objects I have are just what I need.”

However, there is one thing that separates her tiny home from others: community. She is part of a Central Texas tiny-home community that has a few requirements, including an idea that is sorely missed these days: you must know, respect, and spend time with your neighbors.

Everyone who joins the community created by Marnie Khaw must want to be a part of it in a real way.

“We have communal meals. We plan projects together. It’s what gels people together,” Marnie said.

Marnie created the organization because research showed that people are happy and healthier when they belong to a community.

“Everybody is very open and accepting, and we help each other out. If somebody has a need, there’s always someone that can reach out,” Reba said.

Sometimes you can get a whole lot more if you’re willing to sacrifice a few things.

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