This Sleepy German Shepherd Puppy Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Week!

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

When I think of German shepherds, I tend to think of the brave and noble canines that make up the ranks of so many of our working dogs.

These intelligent dogs, with their keen sense of smell, are often found working with the police or the armed forces to help protect ordinary people every day, and, as we saw with Scarlet the service dog, they are as loyal and as dedicated as can be.

But of course, even the most majestic and tough German shepherd was once a puppy, too! While these dogs might be known primarily for their resilience and courage, those qualities are learned the same way any puppy learns, by engaging in lots of goofy playtime!

We’ve seen it before with this silly puppy playing with her service dog dad; lots of playtime and early training helps socialize German shepherds, and teaches them how to follow their own instincts.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s all work and no play. Just check out this 2-week-old sweetie to see how affectionate these dogs can be!

Besides, you might not know it to look at full-grown German shepherds, who can weigh up to 90 pounds, but these puppies are tiny as can be! They might grow up to be big and strong, but in the meantime, these cuties need plenty of love and attention.

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