Tiny Dog Plays Piano With Actual Talent

by Paul Morris
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When this tiny and adorable little puppy wanted to play a song on the big piano, her human had no idea he was about to capture something absolutely amazing!

This little dog was set to play the piano. For whatever reason all sorts of dogs are drawn to these famous instruments. Whether it be the interesting sound, or the mere fact that they are in control of it, no matter what the reason one thing is for certain: Dogs love to play the piano!

Sadly, as much as everyone loves dogs, just about all of them don’t have the best musical talents. While they love to make noise and have amazing hearing, it’s a sad fact that just about all dogs are pretty bad at playing musical instruments.

But when this sweet little puppy sat in front of the piano, she actually seems to know what she’s doing. We can’t be sure if she’s just been trained to do this or if she really has a knack for playing the piano, we’ll never truly know. But if you listen to this little song she plays, it really sounds like she’s playing a piece of music from “The Wizard of Oz.”

This puppy seems to be playing a few bars from “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Just listen to this video a few times ,and let everyone know what you think in the comments below.

If you really listen, and think of the lyrics, “Where trouble melts like lemon drops / High above the chimney tops / that’s where you’ll find me.” You might just hear it too!

Do you think dogs can enjoy music? Do you think they’re capable of playing music?

Please SHARE this adorable video. Either way, she’s a pretty cute little puppy!

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This is so cute

This is so cute

Posted by Paul The Trombonist on Monday, October 26, 2015