Mom Is Sick Of Son Acting Out, But She Says It’s The Store’s Fault For Giving Kids Carts

by Emerald Pellot
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Laura Rinas became more and more frustrated with her 3-year-old son’s rambunctious behavior. It wasn’t that her son was having issues, it was that the hyperactivity was being encouraged by the store.

As a trial run, Target decided to give small children kiddie carts to allow them to play pretend while mom shopped. The department store obviously had the best of intentions, but thank goodness it was only a trial.

What the carts did was give kids the perfect toy to run around the store and create chaos. Not only that, they would run into the ankles and legs of their parents and other shoppers.

“Those little carts, man, with those kids behind them. Those can be some dangerous things running around corners,” Rina said.

One mom even noted that her legs were covered in bruises after the shopping experience.

“It is like madness. If they could put anti-lock brakes system on those, like give the parent a remote, like screech them to a halt or something, I don’t know, give us some lassos? We needed a solution. That was just like, those were too fast,” she said.

Rinas banned together with other moms to let the company know how they felt. Fortunately, Target is the kind of store that listens carefully to its customers. They reviewed the test carts and decided to pull them.

“After reviewing guest and stores’ feedback, we have made the decision to stop the test,” Target said in a statement.

It’s always great to see companies trying out new things to make the shopping experience better for families, but let’s just say, this idea only sounded good in theory.

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