Family Finds Trashed, Abandoned Cabin In The Woods, So They Decide To Transform It

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Living in New York, I’m used to seeing some pretty petite living spaces. I can barely squeeze my queen-size bed in my own apartment, and it’s bigger than some of the places my friends live!

While that just comes with the territory of living here, others across the country seek out even smaller homes to dwell in. I didn’t understand the trend when I first noticed the popularity of tiny houses, but stories like the single mom who built her own mini-home out in the woods for her and her sons definitely made me see how peaceful the simple life can be.

The family in the video below felt exactly the same way while they searched for their pint-sized paradise in the middle of nature.

What they found, though, was not exactly ideal. The cabin had clearly been abandoned for quite some time and the wild animals in the area had made a huge mess out of what was left behind.

However, that didn’t stop their determination to clean it up and call it their own. Neither did the arduous 5-hour drive, which got even longer when summer traffic hit, to and from the property.

Their passion to find a place away from the hectic modern world and teach their children to be self-sufficient kept them from giving up. They even camped out in the house’s front yard while they worked!

Looking at all the beautiful plants and wildlife surrounding the cabin, you can understand why they want to spend all their time there.

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