Widow, 88, Waves From Window Every Day For 12 Years, Now 500 Kids Present Their Final Goodbye

by Amy Paige
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For over 12 years, Tinney Davidson spent her mornings waving to the hundreds of students who walked by her house in British Columbia on their way to school.

The 88-year-old woman had been waving to the children ever since she and her husband moved into the Comox neighborhood in 2007. Each and every morning without fail, she’d sit in the same chair on the porch or inside by the front window, smiling and waving hello to the countless students who passed by. And she kept doing it even after her husband Ken’s death in 2014.

As the years passed, Tinney became a staple of her community, known and loved for bringing a daily moment of happiness to so many students.

In 2014, the local middle school held an assembly dedicated to Tinney. Two years later, 70 students brought her Valentine’s Day gifts.

When the community heard that Tinney was moving into an assisted living home, so many kids wanted to express their gratitude and say goodbye to her — 500, in fact — and they wanted it to be epic.

In the heartwarming moment below, Tinney opens her door to find a huge surprise for her on the front lawn.

H/T: WZDX News

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