20 Mysterious Fairy Doors Have Been Discovered On A Remote Nature Trail

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Tinker Nature Park in Pittsford, NY, is actually really aptly named.

Why? Well, because it just might be the home of one Tinkerbell.

The 68-acre park is located in upstate New York’s Monroe County and features lovely trails through the woods that people of all ages can enjoy. You can take in the trees, the sky, and the birdsong. There’s also a catch-and-release fishing pond, a picnic area, and informational centers.

But there’s something else in Tinker Nature Park: adorable fairy houses!

No matter how old and jaded you might feel, there’s something endlessly fascinating and charming about the idea of wee little folk living in tiny cottages.

In fact, one crafter can even teach you about how to make your own fairy hangout right in a houseplant.

The little fairy homes, which feature painted, and sometimes, openable doors, tiny steps and ladders, and artfully placed accessories, began appearing in the eastern part of the park in 2014.

Today, there are 20 fairy houses nestled in trees and stumps in the woods, just waiting to be discovered. And some even have little signs bearing messages!

Check them out below, and the next time you’re out in the woods, keep an eye out! You never know what you might spy.

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Tinker Nature Park is a great place for people of all ages to get out and appreciate nature at any time of year. With a fishing pond, trails, and picnic areas, it’s a great place to spend the day.

But the park also has a unique, charming secret… Well, 20 of them, actually.

Fairy houses!

These little houses, painted and built into trees along the trail on the eastern side of the park, have been appearing since 2014.

And no one knows who’s been making them.

Some look similar to one another, like these colorful painted doors with cute black accents, which suggests it’s one artist, but others look different, so maybe it’s more than one person.

Of course, it could always be the fairies at work.

Some of the doors are painted, but some are actual doors, complete with hinges and handles.

And they open to reveal little surprises, like this bell.

The houses are nestled in the crooks and hollows of trees and stumps, placed there by careful hands and left for all to enjoy.

Some of them feature little signs, too, with messages to passersby.

This one reads, “Tread carefully… Fairies play here.”

Others have little decorations and accessories, like this one that turns a shed antler into a modern porch sculpture, as well as some decorative stone details.

This one has a horseshoe and a little reminder from beloved author Roald Dahl: “Those who don’t believe in magic never find it.”

Some houses are a little less accessible than others, like this one. As you can see, it needs a specially crafted ladder.

We assume this is for non-winged visitors.

Of course, you might not see any actual fairies about. But don’t worry, there’s a good reason for that, as explained in this note left by a fairy teacher:

“Fairies out learning and exploring. We will return at dusk.”

These fairies left a note, too, informing visitors that they’re out dancing in the garden, as is their custom.

But maybe if you’re very patient, you might just catch a glimpse of one of the residents of these homes.

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