Dog With Rare Condition Needs To Eat Every Meal In Special High Chair And Get Burped Like A Baby

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

As any pet parent knows, the love you have for your furry friend knows no bounds. If there’s something wrong with your fur baby, you’ll do whatever is in your power to fix it and make it better.

This is exactly the case for the Sullivan family and their sweet Labrador retriever, Tink.

When the Grand Rapids, Michigan, family first brought their new puppy home last year, they didn’t think she was anything other than a normal dog. But it soon became clear that there was something very wrong with Tink.

“One week after bringing her home we took her into the emergency vet when she was vomitting [sic] constantly and knew something wasn’t right. We finally got some information by 2 am that wasn’t promising and a huge vet bill for the tests and procedures,” Tink’s dad Tom wrote on the family’s GoFundMe page.

“X-rays showed that Tink had an enlarged esophagus that wasn’t contracting to help push food to the stomach.”

Vets diagnosed Tink with megaesophagus. This condition (which Tink was born with) means that whenever she eats, the food and water never make it all the way down to her stomach. If the food remains where it is, lodged in her esophagus, she eventually regurgitates it, leading to severe malnutrition.

But the Sullivans weren’t willing to give up on their pup. They invested in a “bailey chair,” which is essentially a high chair for dogs. By sitting upright while eating, gravity is able to help Tink get her food down into her stomach. After eating, the Sullivans also burp Tink and give her a throat massage to help move the food down.

Though Tink is skinnier than the average Labrador, she is clearly happy and loves being with her family — and it’s just as obvious how much they love her, too.

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Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids

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