Tina Turner Says She Fell In Love With Husband Despite 16-Year Age Gap, Rejected First Proposal

by Amy Paige
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After 14 years of marriage, Tina and Ike Turner’s infamous relationship ended with an explosive fight in 1976.

In her book, My Love Story, Tina describes in horrific detail the controlling and violent abuse to which she was subjected.

Tina split from Ike and fled to Los Angeles, then released her first solo album in 1984. Private Dancer was a massive success and cemented her as a superstar who could easily stand on her own.

But there was still something missing. “I really needed love,” she told Oprah. “I just needed to love a person.”

Then one day in 1986, Tina met German music producer Erwin Bach.

The handsome younger man approached her with a big smile and open arms, but she was instantly nervous and started sweating. She knew it right then and there: This was love at first sight.

Erwin gave Tina the type of love she knew she had always deserved. It was always so difficult for Erwin to hear about Tina’s abusive relationship with her ex-husband. In fact, he still flinches whenever he hears or reads about her traumatic past.

After decades of dating, Erwin desperately wanted to show his forever commitment to Tina. He first asked her to marry him when she was 50 years old.

But she said no…

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