Her Daughter Died From A Heroin Overdose, So She Sends A Message To Her Drug Dealer

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

It’s hard to realize the reality that drugs are a huge problem. Deaths due to drug overdoses have now outnumbered the annual death toll for motor vehicle accidents.

That’s nothing to overlook.

Drug use is a problem in all sorts of communities, in every class, and in a wide age range. It needs to be treated as the very real problem it is.

Drug overdose affects so many families, claiming beloved family members far too early. It might just be too late before a family even gets the chance to realize that a loved one had a problem, and to put a stop to it.

Tina Wells Louden lost her daughter, Ashley Shannon, to a heroin overdose in 2013.

She was just 24 years old at the time of her death, and already had two daughters of her own.

Instead of celebrating with her daughter, Tina Wells Louden took this picture with Ashley’s ashes and shared it with the community.

Understandably, it got traction almost immediately, and tens of thousands of people have shared and liked her post.

On what would have been Ashley’s 28th birthday, Louden also posted these words, pleading to her daughter’s drug dealer to recognize what effect their business has on so many people.

Posting this picture and message wasn’t an easy thing for Louden to do, but she knew that she had an important message to share.

She received an incredible amount of support on this very difficult day, which filled her heart with hope.

Her daughter’s problem with drugs started with prescription medication, and escalated from there. She struggled for five years to get clean.

But the battle is unlike anything that those of us who have never experienced it either first- or secondhand would understand.

Ashley wanted to get clean for her children and for her family, but the pull this drug had on her was too strong.

Louden continues to raise as much awareness for this epidemic as she can, and she hopes that her daughter’s story will change some families lives for the better.

Ashely died far too young, and her lost battle with heroin has left her family hurting forever. She is just one of so many who has died of this, and it needs to stop.

If you think that a loved one is struggling with a similar problem, you can learn a bit about how to handle the situation here. Anything to prevent another senseless death like this is worth the while.

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