LittleThings Hosts Enlist New Yorkers To Recreate Old Yearbook Photos

by Karen Ruffini
Karen is the News Editor for She loves to have adventures, and her camera acts as her fifth limb. Her best friends are novel characters, and she doesn't care if you think that's weird.

I remember taking my school yearbook photos so vividly, just like it was yesterday.

Practicing your smile in the mirror, making sure your hair looks just right — it was important to let that photo reflect you looking your very best.

Even celebrities had to work hard to look good in their yearbook photos.

But after being out of high school for years and years, it makes you miss those fun moments. It brings back so much nostalgia.

Luckily for New Yorkers walking through Times Square, LittleThings hosts Pete Lee and Jen Righi had their very own yearbook photo booth, so anyone can recreate photos from what they were like in the glory days.

They interview a homecoming princess, an athlete, a jokester… and things got pretty candid.

You have to watch the woman in the green jacket as she prepares to retake her photo. What she does will have you ROLLING on the floor!

It just goes to show that just because you get older doesn’t mean that you have to grow up.

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