Man Finds Abandoned Manor Hidden In Woods And Opens Door To Find It’s ‘Frozen In Time’

by Amy Paige
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Bob Thissen is an urban explorer who stumbled upon an abandoned property deep in the woods of central France.

But this was no ordinary “hidden gem.”

Bob walked into the gorgeous 12-bedroom manor expecting an empty and barren interior. Instead, he found himself inside a perfectly preserved space, completely frozen in time, as if the home were waiting for its owner to return.

The beds were still made. The piano was uncovered. Newspapers were scattered across the tables. The cupboards were stocked. There were only a few traces of the 21st century, like the small flat-screen TV.

Five years later, Bob was delighted to find the manor in the exact same state. “Normally abandoned buildings degrade very fast because they get looted and vandalized,” he told Caters News Agency. “It was a miracle to see almost nothing was changed.”

Bob believes the manor was abandoned around 2009 and has remained so well-preserved because of its remote location, hidden in a field in the middle of the forest.

“I guess elderly people lived here and died or moved to a senior home,” he told Caters. “They probably don’t have any children or heirs, or the heirs don’t know what to do with the giant villa.

“It’s more a burden to live in big old buildings these days because of the high maintenance costs.”

Step inside this incredible abandoned manor in the clip below.

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