Adorable Tiger And German Shepherd Have Been Best Friends Since Birth

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Animals love to make friends with one another, regardless if the other has fur, feathers, or slimy scales.

They don’t care if their potential playmates look completely different from them, as long as they have a new buddy to pal around with.

There have been some pretty interesting pairs of animals that have made friends outside of their own breed, like dogs and monkeys, kitties and ducklings, and even sheep and elephants!

Animals that grow up together have a particularly special bond, regardless of size or species.

This is the case for the sweet German shepherd, Rumble, and his big cat friend, Kinwah. 

The two love horsing around just like normal dogs and cats — the only difference is that Kinwah is a sizable 8-year-old tiger.

Despite their obvious differences, the adorable rowdy pair prove that friends and family are formed based off love and friendship, not what the other looks like.

Check out photos of this delightful duo below.

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Kinwah the Sumatran tiger was born at the Mogo Zoo over eight years ago.

Because he was born with a hip displacement, he needed extra care and was raised by the zoo’s owner, Sally Padey.

Since he was under Padey’s watch, he was also under the care of her four dogs — two fox terriers and two German shepherds.

The pack of dogs became little Kinwah’s family, teaching him how to play and interact with other animals.

Though all the dogs aided in the tiger’s care, Rumble, one of the German shepherds, took on a particularly protective big brother role.

The two formed a strong, brotherly bond during Kinwah’s first 16 months of life.

Now that he is all grown up, the lovable tiger is part of the park’s ‘Up Close & Personal’ experience, and is frequently hand-fed and petted by some of the zoo’s guests.

And though they no longer live together, Rumble is still Kinwah’s best friend and will sometimes sit in on feedings.

Their favorite activity is playful roughhousing, and the zoo’s guests gather eagerly whenever the two are together to watch them fight — all in good fun, of course!

Just as two dogs would, they love to cuddle and brawl to show their bond, which will last throughout their entire lives.

Their fascinating relationship proves that unlikely animal friendships know no bounds.

Check out a video of the two animals horsing around below.

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