Tiger And German Shepherd Have Been Inseparable Since They First Met As Babies

by Ana Luisa Suarez
Ana is an Associate Editor who loves animals and food. A good taco and a snuggle with her dogs is all she needs.

Best friends can be made in the most interesting ways.

You can meet someone while interviewing for the same position and wind up making plans to get drinks one night, then fast forward 10 years and that is still your best friend!

Or you can meet someone in preschool, make friends with them while coloring in a picture of a dog together, and that friendship lasts your entire lifetime. Those friendships are always the best to reflect on.

There is no restriction on who can be friends. If a person wants to say their dog is their best friend, then that is their best friend!

The same goes for different species. Just because a tiger cannot talk to a dog doesn’t mean that they cannot be friends for life!

Just look at Suria the Siberian tiger, who has three best friends and they’re all German shepherds.

Caters News Agency / Lucia Zustakova

Suria is a Siberian tiger that has lived on a Slovakian wildlife sanctuary since she was bred there among other cubs.

Caters News Agency / Lucia Zustakova

She lives at Oasis of the Siberian Tiger, in Senec, Slovakia, where they protect Siberian tigers and breed them peacefully. A photographer has captured Suria’s growth, along with her friendship with 3 German shepherds.

Caters News Agency / Lucia Zustakova

The German shepherds — Blacky, Hugo, and Jenny —  were born around the same time as Suria and first introduced when they were all babies.

Caters News Agency / Lucia Zustakova

Since then, Suria and the dogs have become inseparable, making everyone laugh because the old joke is that dogs and cats can’t get along.

Caters News Agency / Lucia Zustakova

Not only do the dogs love Suria, they also love her young new cub, Sunny, that she recently had.

Caters News Agency / Lucia Zustakova

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