Mom Gets Bitten By Tick With White Spot, Now She’s Allergic To Meat (And She’s Not The Only One)

by Amy Paige
Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. After graduating from Florida State University with a creative writing degree, she moved straight to New York City to pursue a career in the arts. She loves discovering and sharing viral videos, watching movies with her Muppet-like poodle mix named Cali, and doing the robot whenever possible.

Janine Baumiller, a mother of two from Long Island, was always a meat-eater. She especially loved to enjoy a good burger or steak.

But one night, a few hours after eating meat for dinner, Janine broke out in itchy, red hives. The hives spread everywhere: to the palms of her hands, the bottom of her feet, and the top of her thighs. The pain and itching became so unbearable that she rushed herself to the ER, hoping for some answers and a quick solution.

Unbeknownst to Janine, she had suddenly become so allergic to red meat that she could no longer consume it. While her family would be able to continue enjoying their burgers, hot dogs, and steaks, she’d have to make major changes to her diet.

Then Janine learned the root cause of her breakout.

The culprit? A teeny-tiny bug with a white spot on its back — and doctors say there are thousands of people who have been diagnosed with red meat allergies because of it.

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