All Of These Gorgeous Throw Pillows Cost Under $15

by Rachel Gariepy
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Regardless of what department stores want you to think, you do not need to spend $50 on a throw pillow!

Yes, throw pillows are an important decorative item in any living space. They add color, print, texture, and comfort to your couches and chairs and can be used to express your individual style. But they shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The trick is to purchase an inexpensive pillow and cover it with a unique and affordable sham.

Amazon has proof that you can stock up on fun and exciting throw pillow covers in a variety of cute, modern, and unique designs for under $5 a pop.

You heard me right: That’s less than it costs to buy a fancy coffee at your local coffee shop!

We’ve chosen a few of our favorite styles for the season with prints that have personality and colors that will bring a joyful vibe to your den, bedroom, or living room.

Check out Amazon’s full collection of inexpensive throw pillow covers before you make that drive to the department store, where you’ll assuredly be forced to give your charge card the kind of workout usually reserved for marathon runners and professional athletes.

1. Modern Design in Pink, Black and Marble, $3.99

abstract pillow sham

We love the combination of colors in this modern abstract pillow sham. The combination of color blocks and prints that look textural give an expensive feel, but the best part is this sham costs only $3.99!

Buy it on Amazon for $3.99.

2. Metallic Polka Dot Design, $3.85

polka dot pillow sham

Who doesn’t love a cute polka dot design? This one is extra cute because of the organic shapes and the fun textured metallic! Buy a few of these for your couch, or mix and match with other designs in the same colors!

Buy it on Amazon for $3.85.

3. Rose Gold Fronds Design, $2.99

3. Rose Gold Fronds Design, $2.99

If you want an organic print with a modern color story, why not pick up this pillow sham with a feminine design of rose gold fronds?

Buy it on Amazon for $2.99.

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