They Put Cameras In An Animal Hospital. What They Captured? Everyone Should See.

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Millions of Americans with disabilities rely on hope to get them through each day: hope for a breakthrough; hope for gaining or reclaiming independence; and hope for a friend. Each year, hundreds of them find hope at a handful of organizations across the country that train assistance dogs.

Through a Dog’s Eyes, brought to us by PBS, follows the journey of service dogs and the people whose lives they change. The documentary is based on the book of same name by Jennifer Arnold, the founder and director of Canine Assistants.

It’s amazing to see the tiny puppies — and to think in just a little over a year, they’re responsible for someone’s entire life and wellbeing. The trailer for the film, below, introduces you to several families who have been impacted by assistance dogs in a major way, from soldiers with trauma disorders to children with special needs.

Dogs can sense their owners’ emotional state and engage with them according to what they see, smell, and feel. Remember the service dog who sensed his owner’s PTSD symptoms during an interview? Just incredible.

I couldn’t help but tear up watching this clip, and it’s only the trailer! I’m planning to watch the film in its entirety this weekend.

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