Mom Leaves Food Outside For Missing Dog For 3 Years, Then Humane Society Calls To Say She’s Safe

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Three years ago, Ella the dog went missing from the Hobson family home in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Although they spent a few months searching, Theresa Hobson and her family could not find Ella anywhere.

According to WWTV, Theresa would leave dog food outside in the winter, hoping that Ella would have something to eat if she came home.

The Hobsons feared the worst, but it turns out that Ella was just a few miles away. Ella had made a home for herself at a Toyota dealership six miles away from her original home. Employees at the dealership wanted to help her, but she wouldn’t come close to them.

When someone noticed that Ella was walking with a limp, Mindy Butler, the wife of the dealership’s owner, decided to reach out to the Humane Society for help.

Eventually, the Humane Society and Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) were able to get Ella to safety, where they could feed and wash her. When they took her in, employees at the Humane Society realized that Ella was microchipped.

They were able to easily contact Theresa, who was stunned that they had found Ella. Hobson is beyond thankful to everyone who tried to help Ella over the past three years, saying, “She looks so good… they took good care of her.”

I’m so thankful that Ella is safe at home — she now has three puppy siblings to play with.

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