Three Unique Ways To Make Incredible Eggs

by Angel Chang
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Eggs can be used to create an astounding variety of meals. They can be used as a thickener in custards, whipped up in a meringue or mousse, and incorporated in countless breakfast dishes.

Whether you prefer scrambled, fried, or hard-boiled eggs, there very likely is a kitchen shortcut for you out there — like using a coffee pot to boil your morning eggs!

In an exclusive video below, we show you our three favorite new ways to prepare eggs, each more unique than the last.

To save your eggs from going bad, try cracking them into an ice cube tray to freeze them first. Freezing eggs is a great method for when you have extra, or when you buy them on sale.

Another method is to boil eggs and slice them down the middle before peeling. This way, you’ll have two perfect halves, and an easier time taking off the shell.

Lastly, try cracking an egg into a small bowl, then sprinkling some pepper and shredded cheese on top. This perfect microwavable breakfast only takes one minute to make.

Check out our tutorials in the video below to see just how easy these steps are.

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