Construction Crew Discovers 3 Scared Elephants Trapped In A Muddy Tank Of Water

by Paul Morris
Paul is a proud Southerner who enjoys long walks in the woods, sweet tea, and watching movies. He’s also an expert pastry chef and will share his rhubarb-berry pie recipe with just about anyone who asks. He loves America and playing with animals of all kinds. When he isn't writing about the things he loves most, you can find him in the great outdoors!

Elephants seem to have a pretty bad habit of always falling down and getting stuck in holes. With their large body weight and inability to jump or climb very well, it seems that there are quite a few of these big and beautiful animals finding themselves in rather dangerous situations.

From little baby elephants to fully formed adults, every once in a while, a story will come out that shows one of them being rescued from a large hole or muddy lake. But very rarely have we ever seen a group of these poor animals getting trapped together at the same time — in the same hole!

Thankfully, a group of helpful construction workers came across the three scared elephants. And when they realized the two big adults and the tiny baby couldn’t get out on their own, they quickly saw that they would have to do some heavy lifting to get these beautiful creatures out in the wilderness where they belonged!

It’s really great to see that these construction workers knew what was more important; the lives of the elephants over the cost of the wall. They saw that the elephants couldn’t save themselves, and immediately got their equipment out to rip down the wall.

While the elephants suffered for two days in the water, it’s great to see that they were totally fine and healthy once they were free! When the wall came down, the elephants ran back into the forest, a bit afraid, but happy and safe!

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