Put A Fun Twist On Your Three Kings Day Champurrado With One Easy, Tasty Addition

The post-holiday comedown is real. Come January 2, when the jolly hustle and bustle of the holidays is behind us, we’re left with not much to do but nurse our New Year’s bubbly hangovers and bundle up for the rest of winter. That is, unless you celebrate Three Kings Day!

Three Kings Day (also known as Día de los Tres Reyes) is a Latin holiday celebrated on January 6 to honor the biblical story in which the three kings (or three wise men) visit baby Jesus. And, like all the best holidays, it’s celebrated with all kinds of delicious food!

For recipe inspo, we tapped Slice host Evette Ríos. She grew up making rosca de reyes (ring of the kings) cake with her family, and now she enjoys it with her own sons! She always serves her rosca with champurrado, a traditional Mexican version of hot chocolate made with corn flour, milk, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

In this episode of Little Slices, Evette shows her special twist on champurrado, in which she substitutes melted Hershey’s Hot Cocoa Kisses for chocolate as the delicious beverage’s base! She picks up the Kisses — along with a tasty premade rosca de reyes — at her local Walmart, using Walmart’s Grocery Pickup (they bring your groceries straight to your car!).

Check out the video below for more about Three Kings Day and for Evette’s special recipe that’s so good, it’s fit for a king.

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