1989 Yellow School Bus Is Transformed Into A Charming And Cozy Little Home

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Converting a bus into a home is a project that many have attempted, and one that comes with specific challenges.

Namely, how can you turn a long, narrow bus into a home with enough space?

Well, if you’re Mira and Jeremy Thompson, you do it remarkably well.

Back in 2011, the couple purchased an old school bus with the intention of turning it into a house. They took inspiration from cozy, traditional cabins for their unusual home, and created one seriously cute tiny house.

School buses are popular choices among intrepid DIY-ers who are looking to create small, efficient, and often mobile homes, like the couple who converted a bus into a Bohemian-chic, mobile oasis.

The Thompsons, though, weren’t looking to move — just to have a home that was both manageable and truly reflective of who they were.

They converted the 1989 bus into a fully furnished and beautifully decorated home using mostly recycled and reclaimed materials, as well as items picked up from antique and thrift stores. Read on to see how their bus turned out!

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Mira and Jeremy Thompson bought a 1989 school bus back in 2011, and then, turned the entire thing into a beautifully decorated and surprisingly spacious tiny house.

As you can see, they left a few of the bus’ original features, which others might have tried to mask. The pop of yellow, though, is kind of charming.

While it’s still on its wheels, this bus, unlike many other bus houses, isn’t really meant to be moved around. It technically can be, but that’s not the main goal.

With its rustic wooden exterior, front steps, and window box, it’s much more suited to being a cabin now than a bus.

And while the outside might seem like a stunning makeover, it’s the interior that’s really striking.

If you didn’t know, you might never have guessed that this was inside a school bus.

It looks much larger than you might expect a school bus to be inside.

Most of the new finishes were salvaged and reclaimed, and the decor items were found at thrift stores and antique shops.

There’s a full kitchen, complete with a stove and sink.

And a little, buttery yellow vintage-style fridge, too.

The living space is cleverly divided into three areas: a traditional living room, a loft, and a romantic, but adorable, tucked-away bed.

The bathroom is small, but it’s got everything the Thompsons need.

The loft makes use of the bus’ curved ceiling, but fancies it up with some wood paneling. A low ottoman is the perfect piece of furniture in this space, too.

One of the biggest challenges was dealing with the wheel wells, which ate into the space.

So, they decided to work with them, and simply built platforms on top. This one became a loveseat.

And the opposite wheel well became a platform for a small wood-burning stove that provides the home with even more warmth and character.

The Thompsons’ bus is a little different from both converted bus homes and regular tiny houses, but it brings in elements of both to make something unexpected and charming.

If this fun and charming bus house put you in the back-to-school mood, be sure to take this fun quiz below!

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