The Royals Are Considering An ‘Aggressive Strategy’ To Deal With Drama Queen Thomas Markle

by Madison Vanderberg

Over the weekend, Thomas Markle returned to the news cycle yet again, this time for a bizarre interview with the Daily Mail, where he admitted that he once hung up the phone during a heated conversation with Prince Harry, that he lied about staging the paparazzi photos ahead of the royal wedding, and that he told Harry and daughter Meghan Markle that “it would be better for you guys if I was dead.”

Thomas revealed in the same interview that he is “done” with the royals, though Meghan’s dad has a penchant for speaking to the press even when he claims that he’s over it, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he surfaced in another British tabloid shortly. A royal source revealed that Meghan is “upset” by all the news about her father, but the same source also said that Kensington Palace is doubling down on its Thomas “problem.” “The Palace realizes it has a problem [and is] considering a more aggressive strategy to deal with the situation,” added the source.

For the record, Thomas himself admitted that he has not spoken to his daughter since the royal wedding, which was back in May 2018. The palace’s current policy for dealing with Thomas seems as if the royal family is simply ignoring him — we’re curious what this new “aggressive strategy” would entail. It sounds like he needs a publicist more than anything.

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