He Scrapes A Knife Across The Bottom Of A Mug. The Reason? GENIUS!

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

I always thought my knives were fine, but it turns out they were super dull! Instead of running down to the cutlery store to get them sharpened, my grandma showed me one of the simplest ways to breath life back into the blades — and all you need is a coffee mug!

This life hack is a true game changer.

In the video, you can see a complete demonstration of how to sharpen the edge of a knife using a coffee mug. You simply rub the edge of your blade on the bottom of the cup to return the knives to their original quality in mere seconds.

This is an effective method of sharpening knives. After using this trick, the amount of time I spend in the kitchen is so much less, because my knives are able to cut through everything so much faster.

Did you know about this? If you have a knife sharpening tip or trick to share, let us know!

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