Man Records Waves Crashing On Shore, Then Realizes It’s Freezing In Real Time

by Nicoletta Richardson

People show their true colors in the cold month’s of winter — some of us are snow birds and want to fly south for the season, while others like to go somewhere even colder and ski down a few pretty stellar mountains — or travel to Antarctica and snuggle in a pod.

To me, the cold is a funny thing. At one point in time, winter was my all-time favorite three months out of the year. I didn’t mind the cold, loved to grab my snowboard and go on weekend trips, and — most of all — I enjoyed the thrill of putting my spoon under my pillow, putting my pajamas inside out, and crossing everything I could in hopes school would be canceled the next day.

And when it was… those snow days were the absolute best.

Although my opinion on the season has definitely changed, I might go back to my old affair with winter over this sight you’re about to see below.

For those who do decide to travel where the grass gets browner (or is just covered in snow entirely) this time of the year, then this might just inspire your next destination.

I was absolutely amazed at the sight of these waves crashing — or rather, freezing — on the shore of Lake Baikal in Russia. You’ll see that as the waves are pushing toward the sand, they become frozen shards in real time, creating a mountain of ice.

Never thought I would say this, but Russia, here I come!

Don’t believe me, do you? Well, see for yourself in this video below! And be sure to SHARE this with your friends and family if you are amazed as I am!

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