This Flight Attendant Did Something No One Expected – And Made Everyone’s Day Better!

by Rachel Sult
Rachel Sult is a freelancer for She loves thrift shopping, pizza, and her adorable boston terrier named Jackson. She may live in Manhattan, but as a born and raised North Carolinian, she will always be a southerner at heart.

Why can’t this happen on every one of my flights? I rarely take Southwest Airlines, but this awesome flight attendant has me considering otherwise!

After a long day of four flights, this guy is about to do another routine take-off announcement when he decides to spice things up. What’s the point of being boring, anyways? What comes out of his mouth is utterly amazing! That’s a way to wake the people up! Not to mention, he is super talented! He may have another calling – into a recording studio! I’d buy his stuff!

Hopefully next time I jump on board, this guy is behind the mike! So cool. Please SHARE this awesome flight attendant with your friends!

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