Man Has Special Halftime Performance With His Tiny Chihuahua

by Paul Morris
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Just about everyone loves to watch a sporting event in person. There’s just something about the feel of watching a MLB or little league baseball game live and in person that simply doesn’t translate well over the television set. The sound of squeaking shoes in an NBA or NCAA basketball game, or the crisp autumn air that comes with an NFL or college football game is a part of the lure and help feed the excitement of the game.

And while we all certainly love to watch the major plays and commitment of these perfect athletes, there’s something else that we get to be a part of that the television viewers back home usually miss out on in exchange for commercials from Walmart, local Ford or Chevy dealerships, credit card offers, and political advertisements. You get to see everything that happens when the players aren’t playing. People throwing T-shirts to the crowd or the amazing chance to see a silly halftime show!

While we’re used to the big budget Beyoncé- or Lady Gaga-type halftime shows for major events like the Super Bowl, it’s the smaller events like the one below where we get to have some real fun!

The man below isn’t a superstar or celebrity, but he has the amazing skill of being able to hold his body in some pretty difficult positions. And over the years he’s trained his adorable little Chihuahua dog to be one of the perfect sidekicks you could ever hope for.

We love watching these two in action, and we love the clear bond of trust that they have for each other. This little dog is obviously very well taken care of and respected, and that makes us respect his amazingly talented human in kind.

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