11 Things You Never Realized Your Mailman Knows About You

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

We all expect our family and friends to know the intimate details of our lives, but it might sound surprising that someone else knows quite a lot about us, too: the mail carrier.

Mail carriers bring us news both good and bad, and we don’t even have to go all the way to the post office to pick it up ourselves! They bring us all of those online shoe orders we keep promising to stop spending money on — and they do it with a smile.

While we may even have very pleasant conversations with our mailman or woman whenever they come to our door, the information we tell them isn’t all that they know about us.

There is so much more they can figure out based on what they deliver and what they observe as they deliver it.

Did you know that your mail carrier almost certainly knows the 11 things listed below about you?

I never realized how much information they probably already have, but it makes sense when you think about it.

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1. They Know When You've Been Ill

1. They Know When You've Been Ill

Your mail carrier will notice when you start getting a bunch of medical bills and mail from your insurance company. If you’re seeing a specialist, it’s possible they’ll even know the nature of the sickness.

2. They Know What Your Job Is


Company newsletters, retirement accounts, and paychecks are just the start of the clues that your carrier gets about your occupation. Your income can be estimated based on the car in your driveway or how often they see renovations or repairs being done on the house.

The mail you receive about your hobbies gives major clues, too. It may be a puzzle to piece together, but a veteran postman or woman will most likely be able to do it.

3. They Know Your Relationship Status


If you’re married, then yes, of course, that’s a given. However, if you break up with a partner of any kind, you don’t need to have been living with them for your mail carrier to pick up on the signs.

Perhaps his or her car isn’t parked in the driveway anymore. They may even notice that your schedule has drastically changed. A perceptive mail carrier will be able to pick up on these things.

4. They Know When You Have Legal Trouble

4. They Know When You Have Legal Trouble

If you’re getting bills from a lawyer or mail from the court of law, your post person will obviously see them. It’s not like the courts hide their return address in any way.

5. They Know If You've Skipped Town


When you leave town for a bit, your mail carrier will notice.

Whether it’s the length of your lawn, a settled layer of pollen on your car’s windshield, or just the big old stack of mail in your mailbox, they will almost always know when you’ve gone on a vacation.

6. They Know If You Are A Generous Person


Mail carriers don’t have easy jobs. So if you leave them treats like small snacks on holidays or a bottle of cold water during the hot days of summer, they will greatly appreciate the gesture.

Also, of course, an end-of-year holiday tip is always a lovely, generous way to show them you appreciate everything they do for you and your family.

7. They Know What Your Credit Score Is


Well, not the exact number, but based on the amount of credit offers you get through the mail, he or she will have a pretty good idea about the general number. Only those with good credit get the best, fanciest credit deals through the mail.

If you get a bunch, your carrier will know quite a bit about your finances.

8. They Know How Clean The Inside Of Your House Is

8. They Know How Clean The Inside Of Your House Is

No, they’re probably not peeping through your windows and checking out the state of your countertop.

But if your mailbox has cobwebs in it, your lawn is covered in toys, or your car hasn’t been washed all season, they are probably going to assume that the inside of your home hasn’t had a thorough cleaning either.

9. They Know When You're Buying Items For The Bedroom

9. They Know When You're Buying Items For The Bedroom

Most likely your mail carrier knows the addresses from which you can “discreetly” purchase certain items for the bedroom. The major addresses and packaging are easy to spot for someone who handles packages from these sources all the time.

If you’ve bought a sensitive item online, don’t count on your mail carrier remaining oblivious to the fact that what’s inside of the package may end up in your bedside drawer.

10. They Know When A Big Event Is Coming

10. They Know When A Big Event Is Coming

If it’s your birthday, your carrier may see all of those greeting cards that end up in your mailbox. And they’ll be just as likely to notice if you receive a party invitation or even RSVPs to a party or wedding you’re holding yourself.

11. They Know What Brings Happiness To Your Life

11. They Know What Brings Happiness To Your Life

Based on the items you order straight to your door and the kinds of magazines you receive, your mail carrier can see what matters to you the most.

If you’re always ordering cat food in bulk, then it’s cats you care about the most. If you get tons of magazines for electric guitar gear, then you obviously spend a lot of time practicing — or at least fantasizing about being in a famous rock band.

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