Single Dad’s Christmas Gifts To Daughters Are Stolen From Porch Only To Be Returned With A Note

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

As the holidays creep closer and closer, parents all over the world are taking to online shopping to order gifts.

Shawn Kojima from Utah is a single dad who had recently purchased Christmas presents for his daughters online. After receiving a notification that his package was delivered, he was stunned to find out there was nothing at his front door.

After checking his home security system, Shawn was devastated to learn a thief had stolen the package in broad daylight.

The dad posted a photo online of the alleged thief and asked people to help locate him. He received an outpouring of support and help from his community. Just two days after the package was stolen, it appeared on his front porch with a note.

The note included a long apology from the thief.

Keep scrolling to read what the thief had to say about why he stole the package.

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Utah dad Shawn Kojima was confused when he received an alert that a Christmas package was delivered. When he checked his porch, there was no box.

Courtesy of Shawn Kojima

The gift was for his daughters and he couldn’t believe someone would be so heartless as to steal a package.

Like many parents, Shawn ordered gifts online to make it easier to get gifts in time. But it was stolen in broad daylight.

Package theft is being a big problem — especially as more and more people are turning to the internet to purchase gifts.

Shawn’s security camera caught the alleged thief who took off with the package. He posted this collage on his Facebook to get help identifying the man.

Just when the dad thought he’d have to reorder the gifts, it appeared at his door with a note.

Courtesy of Shawn Kojima

The thief wrote an apology letter after returning the package.

“My youngest daughter Cici is 4 years old [and] was so excited when the package was delivered back to us,” the dad told Babble.

Courtesy of Shawn Kojima

His daughter was so excited that everything was returned. “She just kept cheering that ‘we won’ and wanted me to hang the letter on my fridge where I hang her and her sister’s art.”

Courtesy of Shawn Kojima

The thief apologizes for his actions and hopes to be forgiven.

“I am writing you this letter to apologize for the scumbag move I made the other day,” the thief wrote. “I am truly sorry.”

Shawn is hoping that his story is a good warning for other parents who are ordering gifts online.

The dad is so relieved that the package was returned and hopes the thief learned a lesson from his actions.

When Shawn posted the photo of the thief on Facebook he only expected a few friends to comment and was surprised by the response.

“I was honestly thinking that a few of my friends would repost the pics I posted on social media,” he said. “To my surprise it caught on like wildfire.”

Thankfully, Christmas won’t be ruined for his kids because of a thief’s selfish actions.

Shawn decided to share his story alert other parents of this trend around the holidays. “Anything I can do to get the word out and to stop this from happening to other single parents or families,” he told LittleThings.

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