Store Owner Catches Thief On Camera, Then Notices Milk In His Basket And Realizes He’s In Need

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

The natural response to any wrongdoing committed against you is to turn that person into the authorities or to reprimand them for their actions.

From the time we are small, we learn to expect punishment for misbehaving, and to punish bad behavior as adults.

But as we get older, we learn that life isn’t so clear cut. Although some people may do bad things like cheat and steal, they do so for a reason.

Sergio de Leon, the owner of the De Leon Foods store in Spokane, WA, learned this by recently paying close attention to his security camera’s footage.

He set up the camera because of the high rate of theft in his store.

People usually take beer without paying, but this latest crime was different.

The footage shows what would seem to be any other robber roaming the aisles, taking items from the shelves and refrigerators. He then walks out the back door, his basket filled.

But de Leon noticed what was in the basket: It wasn’t beer, but groceries. He saw items like milk, tamales, and other foodstuffs that made him believe the man wasn’t stealing to be malicious, but because he had to provide for his family.

The store owner decided to take matters into his own hands and posted on the store Facebook page about the incident. He offered to help the man and his family with a donation of necessities and promised to keep police out of the situation. All he wants to do is help!

The anonymous man has not yet taken up de Leon’s offer, but hopefully knows that it is out there!

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