Family Of Autistic 7th Grader Sets Up Donations For Therapy Dog

by Caitlin E. Harrington
Caitlin is an Arizona native currently residing in Phoenix. Pilates, cycling, cooking and watching YouTube beauty videos fill up her free time. Cute dogs are her weakness.

Skyler Losson is just like any other 7th grade kid. He goes to school, hangs out with his best friend, and he loves playing soccer at home with his family and with his teammates on the field.

The one thing that makes Skyler different from other kids his age is the one thing that stops him from being able to easily make new friends, because Skyler was recently diagnosed with both Autism and Epilepsy.

His seizures can come on at any time and they can be violent, and the Autism causes him to have trouble interacting with others. These are the two main reason his parents think a therapy dog would change his life.

A well trained service dog could give Skyler the confidence to speak to other kids like it did for Evan, another Autistic boy was raised money to get his, and the dog would be able to give a warning when a seizure is coming before it even happens!

The problem is that these therapy dogs can be very expensive, much more than Skyler’s family can afford.

With a little help from their community, the Lossons have set up donations all over town in hopes of raising the money for a dog, and in just a few days they have raised almost $900.

They still have a long way to go, but every little bit counts and you can contribute to this wonderful cause here.

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