Creative Couple Makes The Absolute Most Of A Tiny Cottage On A Canal

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Many people seem to be under the impression that to really live comfortably, you need to live large: a big house with sprawling grounds, full of many large rooms.

But let’s be honest. It’s not easy to find a house like this that’s realistic to buy, and once you buy it, the upkeep of such a large space is like a full-time job! And sometimes, all that space can get a little lonely feeling.

That’s how designer and blogger Whitney Leigh Morris feels. She strongly believes that one doesn’t need to “live large to believe beautifully,” and her home, a 1920s cottage in the Venice Beach Canals area in Southern California.

It’s only 362 square feet, but the combination of its original design and Morris’ clever use of the rooms makes it seem so much larger.

A lot of the tiny houses we’ve seen have a rustic edge, like this tiny cabin that’s perfect for off-grid living, but Morris’ house shows that small and stylish are not mutually exclusive.

Take a look at how Morris, along with her fiancé and two rescue dogs, make the most of their space.

[H/T: Whitney Leigh Morris, Tiny Canal Cottage]

Whitney Leigh Morris is a designer and blogger living in the Venice Canal District of Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

She shares a home with her partner, Adam Winkleman, and their two beagle-mix rescues, Stanlee and Sophee.


And while you’d never guess it by looking at the interior from this angle, her home measure only 362 square feet — that’s really small!

The house was built in 1924, and shares its grounds with another house built at the same time.

It’s only three rooms, and many people might find it impossible for a family of two (and another on the way), and two dogs to live in comfortably.

But thanks to Morris’ talent for design, she found she could create space for the whole family, including a kitchen, bedroom, and living space all within the tiny building.

As you can see, the wide doors have glass panels to let in extra light, making the space look larger.

This desk is also Morris’ workspace, which she keeps minimal and compact to save space.

A mirror hung over the desk also helps make the room seem larger by reflecting light back into the space.

Even if you don’t have a tiny house, this is a great trick for any room!

And the living room can also double as a dining room with the addition of a table cloth.

A kitchen sits along the back wall, and an L-shaped couch serves to divide up the space without making it feel too closed-off.

The bedroom is in the back, with lots of shelving help with storage. It looks like Sophee and Stanlee approve!

You can also see Morris’ dedication to detail here: she’s turned the book jackets inside out to create a uniform color scheme on the shelves.

In such a small space, a lot of color can be overwhelming.

There’s even backyard space, and while it’s not large, the couple has made the most of it, just like the rest of the house. Some lights and plenty of greenery add to the cozy factor.

This looks like the perfect place to spend a warm night!

Morris’ beautiful home really is proof that you don’t need to go big to make a big impact.

With a little thoughtful planning and plenty of light, you can make a tiny place look like a million bucks. You can see more of Morris’ decor tips and great photos on her website and blog.

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Update: We previously described this cottage as a converted garage, but we were mistaken! We’ve corrected the information with the gracious help of Whitney Leigh Morris.