Sharon Osbourne and Hosts Of ‘The Talk’ Show Off Bare Faces By Filming Episode Without Makeup

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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For women in Hollywood, hair and makeup is pretty much a must. Many actresses and TV hosts spend hours getting glammed up before they even think about stepping in front of a camera.

That much makeup definitely sets some unrealistic standards for what women “should” look like, and those standards affect non-famous women as well. Many women wear makeup every single day, and some even refuse to leave their houses without putting at least a little bit on.

But as the times change, so do women. And more and more, women are deciding that now is the time to go out into the world barefaced.

Although Hollywood holds the highest expectations for women to be made-up, some celebrities like Alicia Keys are embracing their natural look, and using their platform to inspire other women to do the same.

The hosts of the talk show The Talk also use their platform to empower women — and on January 11, 2018, they decided to do an entire show makeup-free.

Although the hosts of The Talk, including Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, and Sheryl Underwood have hosted an episode makeup-free before, their newest host, Eve, had never been in front of a camera without makeup. She admitted that getting on camera without makeup on was one of her biggest fears, saying that she used to be too scared to even leave her house without makeup on.

After braving the whole show makeup-free, though, Eve says she would “totally do it again.”

Do you think you could go on camera in front of millions without makeup on? I’m so impressed by these brave ladies!

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