Amazing Food Truck In Seattle Serves A Doggie Clientele

by Angel Chang
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The food truck evolution has quickly been gathering speed for the past decade or so, fueling many creative people to start businesses around bringing delicious, innovative food trends to the masses.

Husband and wife Ben and Dawn Ford started their own little food truck business a few months back, after converting their adorable 1968 Chevy Step Van.

But their offerings are slightly more unique than others: they cater predominantly to a canine clientele. They are one of the small handful of doggie food trucks to pop up around the country over the past few years.

Owners can eat the lovely treats at the Seattle Barkery, too. Customers rave about the personalized peanut butter cakes with whipped cream cheese, cheesy doughnuts, pumpkin pretzels, and peanut butter cookies, which are all dog-friendly and made with healthy, natural ingredients.

Scroll further to learn about all the yummy treats this genius food truck is serving up, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[H/T: Associated Press]

Seattle food truck serves dog food

Food trucks have existed in America for centuries.

The concept of “mobile” dining has swirled around since the late 17th century, and since then has given birth to several gourmet food truck movements in many parts of the country.

The Seattle Barkery is such a food truck, but they happen to be serving up the most exciting dishes that only a handful of people have been so bold to make: dog food.

Seattle food truck serves dog food

The Associated Press reports that the doggie-centric food truck caters to all dogs and their owners.

Owners and husband-and-wife team Ben and Dawn Ford converted their 1968 Chevy Step Van into a fully mobile food service truck a while back.

Seattle food truck serves dog food

They’ve been parking the truck around dog parks, farmers’ markets, office building parking lots, and pup-friendly breweries around Seattle, WA, for the past 10 months.

Seattle food truck serves dog food

“I think there is definitely a market for more things like [this], where human and canine activities are combined,” Dawn told the AP.

“You don’t want to always leave them at home, or leave them in the car.”

Seattle food truck serves dog food

Popular menu items include air-fried chicken feet, bacon cupcakes (or “pupcakes), cheese doughnuts, nutty pumpkin pretzels, peanut butter banana cookies, and adorable personalized cakes made with peanut butter, banana, coconut oil, flour, whipped cream cheese, and bacon sprinkles.

Seattle food truck serves dog food

“All of our treats are soft,” said Dawn, who has worked in many dog-friendly bars before, and was even once a dog walker.

“All of our treats aren’t filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce.”

Seattle food truck serves dog food

The Seattle Barkery aims to serve up uncomplicated, homemade goodies, and stays away from over-processed foods.

“What we feed our animals reflects their health,” said Dawn. “If we can feed them good quality products, why wouldn’t you?”

Seattle food truck serves dog food

The food truck has a strong presence on social media, and makes sure to regularly update their followers on where they’ll travel to next.

If you happen to be in the downtown Seattle area, make sure to check out their calendar!

Seattle food truck serves dog food

What an ingenious way to encourage humans and their pups to bond over food.

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