William And Kate Share Rare Easter Photo Of Their Gorgeous Home At Kensington Palace

by Angela Andaloro

When you live lives as public as those of the royal family, people think they know everything about you.

We may all feel like we know everything there is to know about the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Willliam and Kate, and the rest of the extended family. There’s one area of their lives that is far less known, however.

Though we often get glimpses of Buckingham Palace through events, the places royals lay their heads are usually off-limits.  As royals work from home, that’s changing. For the first time, we’re seeing some of the little-known details of their residences.

From Birkhall to Anmer Hall, there have been a lot of new details we’ve gotten to enjoy.

In many ways, it’s part of how the royal family has opened up their lives to loyal fans and subjects since they’ve come to social media. It has softened and humanized the grand institution, making them more relatable than ever before.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is best known as the London home of the Cambridges. They also have offices there. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent also have both residences and offices in the palace.

Accompanying this gorgeous shot of blooming daffodils in the fields of Kensington Palace, William and Kate said, “Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter 🐰🐣.”

We’ve seen what the entrance near the apartments looks like thanks to photos of the Cambridge kids. Princess Charlotte posed there on her first day of nursery school. Last fall, she and Prince George posed there on their first day of school — both now attend Thomas’s Battersea.

We got a peek of William’s and Kate’s offices in Kensington Palace recently. The two were working from home before they headed to Anmer Hall. William’s office features a detailed fireplace mantle. Kate’s was the neater of the two, and you can spot a child-size pink chair behind her, presumably where Charlotte perches herself while her mom works.

Anmer Hall

Our peeks at what Anmer Hall looks like are mostly courtesy of sweet moments from William and Kate’s kids. For British Mother’s Day, a shot was shared of Kate running on the grounds with Charlotte on her back. Next to her were William and George.

We got another look at the gardens when the Cambridge kids prepared to do their part amid the current situation. The kids clapped for first responders and encouraged others in the UK to do the same. Behind them is a stone wall lined with beautiful flowers.

It seems like the same location where they took their family Christmas card photo. The family poses around William, who is on an old-school motorcycle. George and Charlotte are posed on a sidecar.

Recently, William and Kate have shared some moments from their calls to charity. In doing so, we have gotten a glimpse at another room that is presumably an office. For a royal residence, it doesn’t seem particularly ornate. A small, simple frame adorns a neutral-colored wall behind William and Kate, indicating a more modern style.

Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth has also been working from home. The 93-year-old is headquartered at her residence at Windsor Castle. Corgi figurines fill the desk shelves in front of the Queen in this image as she talked with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The fringed lampshade in the photo intrigued many royal fans. It also provided a clue for which room she may have been in. Here it is at another angle from when the Queen met with the New Zealand prime minister there in 2015.

Her special broadcast to the country was also recorded at Windsor Castle. Behind her are neutral walls with beautiful gold molding. Two plants can be seen in other areas of the room. It looks more homely than regal, which is perfect for the message she was delivering.


Prince Charles has been working from Birkhall since he recovered from his own bout with the virus. In one post showing him doing a video chat, you see a number of photos behind him. One is a photo of him, William, and Harry that was taken in celebration of his 70th birthday. Another is from Prince Louis’ christening.

We also got a peek at Camilla’s office at Birkhall. She has a jam-packed bookcase behind her. There are also many picture frames on the bookcase. There are photos of her grandchildren and older images of her own family.

A photo of Charles and Camilla on a beautiful covered porch at Birkhall was also shared. It was taken in celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary. In their laps are their two dogs, Bluebell and Beth.

Another photo of Camilla in that spot was later shared. She was seated on the steps, reading an Ernest Hemingway novel.

“Ernest Hemingway, famously, once said ‘There is no friend as loyal as a book.’ In these challenging times when we are isolated from the ones we love, many of us are finding comfort in reading, to fire up our imaginations, to take us on journeys and to make us laugh,” the caption written by Camilla reads.

“With that in mind, here is a list of my dearest ‘friends,'” she concluded, sharing a reading list.