Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Finally Addresses The Rumor That He’ll Run For President In 2020

by Madison Vanderberg

Will Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson run for president in 2020? The answer is a strong maybe. If the current administration has got you down, and you find yourself frantically googling “the rock president,” you would know that The Rock famously tossed out the idea of running for president last year in a GQ interview, and then he told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show this week that he’s still mulling the possibility of running for president, though not in 2020.

“Do you actually take that possibility seriously?” Stephen asked him, to which Dwayne said: “I absolutely do. Yes.”

“I have incredible respect for our American people and our country — so I said ‘Yes, I would consider it,’” Johnson explained of his would-be presidential run, before adding, “But at the same time, Stephen, I mean look, I’m not delusional at all. Like, I feel like I — you know what it is? I need that thing — oh, experience.”

The “experience” line was met with laughs from the studio audience, as it seemed like Dwayne was making a direct reference to current President Donald Trump, who famously ascended to the highest office in the country with literally no political experience.

Basically, Dwayne said he would need to “get some experience,” and then we can talk a potential run in 2024 or 2028, rather than his originally planned 2020 run.

“So if that were to happen in 2024, 2028, I would have to go to work and get some experience, you know, and understand policy,” Dwayne said.

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