The Piano Guys Play A Stunning Rendition Of ‘Silent Night’

by Paul Morris
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As the Christmas season is upon us, just about everyone is loving those fantastic radio stations that have decided to play amazing Christmas songs nonstop until the New Year.

While some people get excited about special holiday sales, black Friday, and Cyber Monday, there are others who know how to celebrate the real reason for the season!

One such group of men is non other than the talented band simply known as the Piano Guys. These four men have managed to reach the number one position on the Billboard charts on multiple occasions, and when you watch the breathtaking video below, you’ll easily see why they’re going full viral!

While all of their musical renditions are impressive, they’ve just recently released a breathtaking version of the world’s most popular Christmas song, “Silent Night.” Alongside legendary Spanish singer Plácido Domingo, this has to be one of the most beautiful videos on the Internet.

When the children’s choir joins in, it’s just absolute magic. Even though this song is nearly 200 years old, and its been sung by groups spanning from every single musical genre, from rock ‘n’ roll, to Bing Crosby, it’s no surprise why this song continues to warm the hearts of everyone who hears it, because it’s just that soothing.

Filmed in the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City, this music video is both beautiful to watch and listen to!

So, as Christmas approaches, please keep this song near and dear to your heart.

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