CAUGHT ON CAMERA: She Saw A Man Being Bullied.. Would You React This Way?

by Ginger Divine

What would you do if you were minding your own business, sitting in a park, when suddenly you notice a student bullying another in broad daylight. To you, it appears that an innocent bystander is being threatened with bodily harm unless he gives up a college paper by another student. Things start to get physical and the person being bullied is obviously scared. Would you do anything to stop it?

Shockingly, in this video many people preferred to sit idly by instead of helping a fellow man in need.

Lucky for the person getting bullied this was actually a mock scenario called “The Bullying Project” that hoped to open the world’s eyes to the plague of bullying in every community across the globe. Hopefully this video helps promote positive change and gets you to speak up when you see someone is being treated this way.

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