‘The Breakfast Club’ Cast Celebrates 35th Anniversary By Sharing Juicy Secrets From The Set

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

For kids who grew up in the ’80s, The Breakfast Club was a must-watch in theaters. The movie focused on five very different students who all managed to land in detention for different reasons.

Throughout the experience, they form a bond. While parodied a ton in pop culture, the real deal film just turned 35.

To celebrate their anniversary, Entertainment Tonight met with some of the original cast members to talk about the film. Emilio Estevez, who continued to have a big career after the movie, almost couldn’t believe so much time had passed.

Molly Ringwald, who starred in plenty of classic ’80s films, discussed her absolute favorite part of shooting this particular film.

It happened to be the scene when all five students ran around the school’s hallway. It’s an iconic moment that many fans also love.

In case you were wondering, Molly is still acting. But she’s been focused more on television these days. If you’ve caught any episodes of Riverdale, you’ll likely recognize her playing the part of Mary Andrews. Even further back, she was in nearly 100 episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Anne Juergens. It’s incredible to know that an entirely different generation is falling in love with her talent.

That said, it’s the perfect time to introduce that generation to Molly’s earlier works. The Breakfast Club still rings true for students and proves that people from all walks of life can find ways to relate to one another.

Watch the video and learn even more behind-the-scenes secrets from the cast.

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