‘The Art Of Mowing’ Shows Off Breathtaking Work By Irish Farmers

by Jillian Gorry
After a short stint as a classically trained singer, Jillian decided to pursue her love of writing by serving a number of publications. She’s an active blogger, traveler, and dog-lover who likes to de-stress by listening to film soundtracks. When she isn’t writing, she’s leveling up her archery and lock-picking skills in yet another video game.

In a farm just outside of Carlow, Ireland, two drivers — Pa Brennan and Cecil Watchorn — navigate seemingly endless green fields with just their trucks and extensive knowledge to guide them.

There are no blueprints here, nothing to assist these farmers in their work, but they don’t seem to need it.

“The Art of Mowing” is truly what the title suggests. While life on the farm can be extremely difficult, there’s also a great deal of beauty to be found there, too.

We’re treated to a breathtaking aerial shot of Michael Byrne’s farm when the video starts. The tiny truck meanders along, circling a very large stretch of land and creating mesmerizing patterns in the process.

Did you hear about the AeroFarms initiative to build huge vertical farms? Their work is truly a wondrous sight to see, too. What about the presidential busts found on a Virginian farm? A bit nontraditional, ironically enough, but still incredibly eye-catching.

Just because someone is a farmer doesn’t mean they only till the land — they’re planting and growing the very essence of life. And that, to me, is undeniably beautiful.

Not to mention watching perfectly symmetrical shapes being cut into grass is really, really relaxing. I feel very zen right now!

Do you know someone who works on a farm? What other little-known aspects about farming do you find beautiful? I’d love to hear about it!

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