Texas Woman At 7-Eleven Spits On Counter After Being Told To Wear A Face Mask

by Amy P
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Another day, another mask-related incident caught on camera. The following exchange took place at a 7-Eleven store in Fort Worth, Texas.

A female shopper was speaking with the cashier, who was standing at the counter behind a plastic partition. The woman was trying to purchase a case of beer, but since she wasn’t wearing a face mask, the cashier told her he could not sell it to her.

He then told her that she could easily purchase a face mask from that very same store and then buy the beer as planned.

But as you’ll see below, the woman wasn’t having any of it. She proceeded to launch into a verbal tirade full of profanity while another shopper caught everything on camera.

The clerk pointed to a sign on the door that reminded customers they needed to be wearing a mask inside.

This only seemed to make the woman angrier, because what she did next is truly maddening — she threw something over the counter toward the employee, and spit.

“There you go,” she remarked.

See the disturbing moment caught on camera in the clip below.

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