Texas Woman Thinks Nurse Will Say She’s Carrying Twins. Ends Up Delivering 6 Babies In 4 Minutes

by June Rivers
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Texas woman Lauren Perkins always dreamt of being a mom. After spending an exhausting year trying to conceive, the thought of fertility treatments seemed so daunting.

She and her husband decided to embark on a mission trip to Nicaragua to think about their next steps.

During the trip, Lauren explained her fertility issues with her fellow church members and the pastor began praying for her. Before returning home, the pastor stopped Lauren. “She told me she knew God had big plans for me; she didn’t know what, but it would be big” Lauren wrote on Houston Moms Blog. She didn’t think much of it and headed back to Texas.

Back at home, Lauren underwent one round of intrauterine insemination but was convinced it wouldn’t work… but it did. She was finally pregnant!

The nurse told Lauren that because her beta levels were so high, she was probably pregnant with multiples. She and her husband suspected it would either be twins or triplets, and even that seemed overwhelming.

Then came their first ultrasound. The doctor studied the screen for a few moments, then delivered the news.

“I just counted 5.”

That’s not possible! Lauren thought.

“Hold on,” the doctor said. “I just found a sixth one.”

The expecting couple stared at the screen in complete shock. The 1% chance of conceiving sextuplets had actually happened to them.

The Perkins were then faced with a monumental decision to either reduce the number of babies or keep them all. The chances of all babies surviving were slim-to-none.

They decided to give all six of their babies a chance and their doctor promised to do whatever it took to get her to 28 weeks. In the video below, the unbelievable story continues.

[H/T: Texas Children’s Hospital]

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