Man Struggles To Pay Bills After Taking In Late Sister’s 3 Kids So Stranger Donates His Old Car

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Terence Williams didn’t think twice about becoming a legal guardian for his two nieces and one nephew.

The three kids have had a tough year. Last December, their grandmother passed away, and five months later, they lost their mom as well.

Terence says those losses were unimaginably painful, but he stayed strong for 11-year-old Malachi, 8-year-old Jakayla, and 7-year-old Jakyla, WFLX reports. Terence says, “They mean a lot to me. They keep me going. As time passes, it still hurts. We’re learning to cope with it.”

Terence took the three kids in and became their legal guardian.

In general he provides for them emotionally and financially, but he was worried about how he’d pull off the Christmas they deserved.

Although he wanted to give his nieces and nephew a happy Christmas, Terence was short on cash. To make matters worse, his car had recently broken down, and he didn’t have enough money to get a new one.

But when Terence’s neighbors heard about his situation, they wanted to help. Friends, neighbors, and strangers donated gifts to Malachi, Jakayla, and Jakyla. And someone even gave Terence his old car, instead of selling it.

But Terence says the best part of Christmas this year wasn’t the new car — it was seeing his nieces and nephew smile. He says, “It made me happy to see them happy on Christmas.”

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