Watching These Candy Makers Create Teeny Sweet Panda Bites Is Truly Mesmerizing

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

I’m constantly amazed at the creativity of the human mind. The thought, time, and sweat that goes into some of the simplest things is always surprising me left and right.

For instance, who was the first person to take sugary frosting and turn it into truly amazing works of art atop cookies or delicious cakes? Whoever it was, they must have had quite the imagination, because some of these desserts really do belong in a museum somewhere. It’s almost a shame to eat them and destroy all of that hard work!

But, some of the most amazing art is temporary. Every live musical performance is ephemeral. Sure, you can record it, but the experience of hearing the music in the here and now is completely fleeting.

Each and every concert you go to is its own expiring work of art.

Another amazing creative feat is candy making. Have you ever walked into a candy store and wondered how they get all of those colors and shapes into place? CandyLabs in Montreal, Canada, has one very popular piece of sugary candy that customers love. But have you ever thought about how the adorable design might get into the middle of the candy?

The three hour process is definitely not simple, but it is surely amazing. Watching these two artists hard at work with their melty, sugary materials is completely mesmerizing. Wait til you see the cutie in the design, too!

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