Teens Notice Pretty Blonde Woman In Car Beside Them, Then Realize She’s Mouthing ‘Help Me’

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Two teenage friends — Aaron, 19 and Jamal, 17 — were driving around together through Kaufman County, Texas.

As they passed the car beside them, the hormonal boys couldn’t help but notice the attractive young woman sitting in the backseat of the car.

At first, Aaron and Jamal tried to make eye contact with the pretty blonde. But that’s when they noticed her mouthing something to them.

They swore it looked like she was saying “help me” in such a way that the male driver wouldn’t hear her.

Aaron and Jamal instantly switched from smitten to concerned. Their gut instincts told them she was in the process of being kidnapped by the driver.

Not only did the teens call the police, but they continued to trail behind the suspicious car so as not to lose sight of the terrified woman.

In the harrowing 911 call below, you can hear Aaron describing to the dispatcher what’s going on in real-time: “Yes, I’m on the highway. I’m witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping. It’s me and another guy. So we’re checking out the girl in the backseat because we’re like, ‘OK, she’s kind of attractive’, and then all of a sudden the guy is turned back, looking at us.”

Thanks to Aaron and Jamal’s quick-thinking, police were able to track the vehicle down. That’s when the horrifying story unfolded — that 37-year-old Charles Atkins Lewis kidnapped the 25-year-old woman at gunpoint and forced her into his car. Lewis was charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

After the rescue, Aaron and Jamal were able to meet the woman whose life they potentially saved. “I would describe it as the best hug I have ever gotten,” he said.

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