Teens Post TikTok Video Of Moment They Find Human Remains Inside Suitcase On Beach

by Amy Paige
Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. After graduating from Florida State University with a creative writing degree, she moved straight to New York City to pursue a career in the arts. She loves discovering and sharing viral videos, watching movies with her Muppet-like poodle mix named Cali, and doing the robot whenever possible.

A group of teens from Seattle were recently using a TikTok app called Randonautica, which sets users out on outdoor adventures by giving them a random set of coordinates to explore.

It was a Friday evening when the app sent the teens to a certain location along the waterfront at Duwamish Head, Washington.

While filming in real time, the TikTok users came upon an abandoned black suitcase that had washed up onto the rocks.

At first, they hoped they’d find a hidden treasure inside. But as one of the teens carefully lifted the top of the suitcase using a stick, an overwhelmingly foul stench filled the air.

Scared and concerned, the TikTok video then showed another teen calling 911 as police arrived.

Watch the video below to see how this horrifying discovery unfolded — and just what was found inside that abandoned suitcase.

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