More People Are Injecting Themselves With The Blood Of Teenagers To Reverse Aging

by Amy Paige
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There’s a controversial beauty treatment that some doctors say just might reverse the aging process.

The key ingredient? Oh, just the blood of a teenager.

Though it sounds like it’s part of a witch’s potion, Dr. Jesse Karmazin claims transfusions using the “young blood” of teens can make one look and feel decades younger.

For $8,000, patients over 35 are administered a transfusion of 0.66 gallon of blood taken from donors between ages 16 and 25. There are apparently “rich growth factors” in the platelets of the blood’s plasma.

It’s all part of a clinical trial called Ambrosia.

According to, “What Ambrosia’s clientele is getting from teens is blood plasma — that light yellow fluid component of blood that facilitates the movement of cells and the other elements of blood throughout the circulatory system. Plasma, it seems, has become the key to unlocking our youthful glow.”

People from all over the world have joined in the trial, and there are no published results yet.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bündchen have received “blood facials” or “vampire facials” in which one’s own blood is used to combat wrinkles.

In the clip below, Dr. Karmazin claims he has evidence that proves “young blood” is the secret to eternal youth.

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