43-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To ‘Teenage Baby’ After 5 Failed IVF Attempts And Baffles Internet

by Amy Paige
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Nancy and Chris Weiss spent nearly three years trying to conceive a child. Just before Nancy turned 40, the hopeful mom from Atlanta decided to try in vitro fertilization treatments.

After five disheartening and unsuccessful IVF attempts, they heard about something called embryo adoption, in which a frozen embryo from a fertile couple is fertilized and implanted.

The embryo center matched Nancy and Chris to the “right” embryos that fit their wants and needs, not unlike the adoption process.

Like most embryo donations, there was a 50% chance Nancy and Chris’ adopted embryo would take — and it worked on their very first attempt. Nancy became pregnant with baby Luna.

In December 2017, the first-time parents couldn’t wait to share their bundle of joy with the world… and she came with a riddle about Luna’s “real” age that left the internet baffled.

You see, the couple had no clue just how old the embryos were when they adopted them. They thought they were frozen for a couple of years, but no more than that.

As it turned out, Luna’s embryo was much older than they could’ve ever imagined.

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