Principal Tells Teen To Stop Growing Hair Long For Sick Sister — So He Drops Out Of School

by Amy Paige
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In October 2019, 11-year-old Maggie Johnson was diagnosed with Wegener’s disease, an autoimmune disease that affects her kidneys.

Not only does the fifth grader experience bouts of nausea and painful headaches, but the medical condition also requires her to undergo chemotherapy and dialysis. Maggie’s teachers, and the entire school district, learned of her diagnosis.

Because of her treatments, Maggie may lose her beautiful long red hair. She has already noticed some clumps have fallen out.

During all this, Maggie one day casually mentioned to her older brother, Newt, how much she liked his curly hair.

Maggie and Newt are as close as two siblings can be. He came up with a plan of action. Newt has been growing out his hair for Locks of Love and he’s striving for 8 to 14 inches to donate to Maggie if and when she needs it.

Alan, Maggie and Newt’s proud father, says Newt is the type of kid who will always step up for his loved ones and stand up for his own beliefs.

But then something happened that threw a wrench into Newt’s heartwarming plan: His principal gave him an ultimatum to either cut his by Monday or he’d be suspended from school.

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